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The Boss

The Boss

Mr Marc Gale

Head of IT Support Team (AKA on and off specialist)

Head of IT Support Team (AKA on and off specialist)


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              To prevent from being spammed with the same messages we provided an FAQ here.

              Can i really make money here?

              Yes but there are certain requirements you need to meet first.

              How long does it take to get my application reviewed here?

              We take a minimum of 5 business days to review your application and another 2 business days to respond.

              My application was rejected am i able to apply again?

              If your application was rejected then we must have had a good reason to do so. If this changes and proven then yes applications are open to anyone.

              Is this job by contract?

              No. Unless you apply as an affiliate the share of money you earn from your posts are yours even when you leave.

              So start your journey today